This post I wanted to cover some past and present challenges in Cardano.

Disclaimer: I support Cardano since 2017 but I am not a machine and I reflect, reflection is not a bad thing.

I tweet every day like crazy positively about Cardano and there is a lot to be…

Part of Cardano Fans mission is constant education for all of you, bring content in most digestible form.

Today let’s talk about 5 sec block propagation times. As you know in coming days (1st Dec) IOHK will increase e.g. block size by 12.5%. It is first iteration of scaling.


  • Accounting App for SPOs: currently on-hold (other prios took over)
  • New webpage: we are moving nginx + haproxy from baremetal to a cloud instance as per recommendation from security expert and DevOps friend
  • New webpage: our DNS server now resolves, (temporary needed), and
  • New webpage: we updated…

Cardano Fans (ticker: CRFA)

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