Cardano Fans Development Status Update — 10.11.2021

  • Accounting App for SPOs: currently on-hold (other prios took over)
  • New webpage: we are moving nginx + haproxy from baremetal to a cloud instance as per recommendation from security expert and DevOps friend
  • New webpage: our DNS server now resolves, (temporary needed), and
  • New webpage: we updated on chain pool data to point now our relays to (valency: 2) and also moved images and pool metadata under /static/, this will allow us to install new webpage very soon without affecting static content, preview:
  • New webpage: a lot of bugs and community feedback about new webpage have been incorporated and fixed. Thank You so much!!!
  • New webpage: we are marching towards launch of new website still this week. Doable without heavy interruptions…
  • CRFA Cardano Donation App: we reached out to Andre Westberg if we could use his product: firehose instead of blockfrost for crfa-cardano-donation-app we are developing: Our code is open source but keep in mind this is work in progress. App is relatively simple so it won’t take long, we just need to clear backlog. Please read on github about project goals and check out initial entities that are pre-configured to support:
  • CRFA-Token-App: we have now full db backups for CRFA-Token-App (sending community tokens and sending Epoch Rewards)
  • Cardano Blockchain Insights: we managed to integrate full git history and backups. This is great achievement and will allow us to sleep peacefully at night:
  • CRFA-Token-App: acompany reached out to us for CRFA-Token-App, they really like this, we will see if and how it works out. Early days. They have a pool and are writing a game and want to send NFTs and tokens automatically for stakers with certain criteria…

Look into near the future:

  • Cardano Blockchain Insights: we are looking into transactions split, metadata vs NFT vs smart contract ones. This raised interesting questions how to exactly detect NFT vs token. One can have token with image (like our Cardano Fans Community Tokens)
  • new webpage: We want to deploy new website: on
  • CRFA Cardano Donation App: we want to release CRFA Cardano Donation App as quickly as possible (first version 1.0) so that community members, SPOs can support their favourite projects
  • Cardano Blockchain Insights: we have insane amount of ideas for Cardano Blockchain Insights but most likely we will pause temporarily work there after getting a few more features out. This time will be most likely devoted to game on Cardano we are developing (NFTs and in game economy) but we can then accelerate those efforts.




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Cardano Fans (ticker: CRFA)

Cardano Fans (ticker: CRFA)

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