Conversations with a Junior Blockchain Developer part IX

USDC Circle

A: Hi again!
B: Yo!

A: No small talk today :) Is it really true you were talking to @circlepay on bringing USDC to Cardano?
B: Yes

A: And..?
B: It will take some time…

A: Why?
B: @circlepay has a long queue of things to do…

A: Then why AVAX, Solana got USDC so quickly?
B: They paid a lot!

A: How much?
B: A lot! Do you think think it would be wise usage of money to pay to be in front of the queue for Cardano

A: Well Cardano’s treasury has a lot of money…
B: True but it is a centralised stable coin after all, we have better ideas

A: Like what?
B: There will be stable coin from @liqwidfinance, there will be Djed issued by @COTInetwork and there will be stable coin by @ArdanaProject, all decentralised stable coins tracking value of USD.

A: Hm.. you are right
B: And you know what, we will get USDC eventually but to pay for this massive “bribe” just to be in front of the queue is not too clever

A: Maybe there is another way?
B: Yes there also is, one can bring USDC wrapped on Cardano via Cardano’s ERC-20 converter.

A: A yes… now on test-net right…
B: Yes, but there is a catch

A: What’s that?
B: We need


A: Oh.. maybe somebody can help IOHK doing it?
B: It would be dope, @emurgo_io, @MLabs10 or perhaps @dcspark_io for sure would be able to!

A: Or perhaps a volunteer from Cardano Community with Haskell knowledge?
B: Absolutely!

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