CRFA 1 hour Developer ZOOM sessions

We as Cardano Fans have years of experience and would like to offer free 1 hour Developer ZOOM session to hosted by us, every Friday starting from 5th November 2021, at 13:15 CET (hours negotiable based on interest).

We bring expertise in the following areas:

  • Expert level Java and Scala Development including Data Engineering (all of us)
  • JavaScript / TypeScript (Mateusz)
  • Functional Programming concepts (category theory) (all of us)
  • Devops / Linux (all of us)
  • Cardano — ability to transact on the network, e.g. by using @blockfrost_io,, cardano-client-lib and similar libraries and tools. (Mateusz)

In addition we can help with:
- Discussing Project Catalyst proposals and finding missing gaps in the ecosystem on tooling

- Discussing Game or web3 project ideas

Session to be hosted either by Mateusz or Andre and if possible both of us.

Give us a shout, ZOOM link provided upon requests. Contact us on email at: or on twitter: and / or

Contact us on telegram for a link to a zoom session: