Just popped out of call with Alessandro (BERRY stake pool) and got a really nice introduction to spacebudz V2, NamiWallet and early version of PAB in JavaScript (very impressive work). All available open source at: https://github.com/Berry-Pool

Out of this call became quite clear that we need web3.js library with full Alonzo support and Plutus Application Backend in first serialization-library and then also plutus core -> WASM and from there one can use WASM in JavaScript.

In the Cardano ecosystem we already have Emurgo rust library, which fully compiles to WASM and from JavaScript one can use WASM functions but this library is lacking Alonzo support.

Here is a proposal from Alessandro to make it happen:

We would like to discuss with the developer community the following:

  • is Emurgo or DcSpark within next 3 — 6 months planning to do this or something similar
  • Does it make sense or is there any better way?

Sadly PAB in Blockfrost proposal from Marek (ticker: NUTS) has NOT been funded in Fund 6 so this should already enable many awesome use cases which wallets like Nami, YoroiWallet and ccwallet could use but we need a decentralised and fully verifiable solution.

Dapp connector:

We are also aware IOHK is working on Haskell to JavaScript to compile the whole PAB but as we are told this is rather a big output (not site speed friendly).

What we need is a web3.js library (similar to Ethereum) in Cardano.

Engage community, see if we could outsource a company to develop this and submit a Catalyst 7 proposal, this however makes only sense if such work item is not gonna be delivered by somebody within next 3 - 6 months, otherwise it is money lost and double work.